Into The Airwaves is a Toronto and Montreal-based music magazine that covers indie, pop, alternative, rock, and folk genres. Our goal is to help you discover all the best up & coming musicians both in Canada and internationally to add to your playlist! ITA is composed of a team of incredibly passionate music lovers who are constantly discovering new musicians and old favorites they want to share with you. From interviews to album reviews, show reviews to playlists that will make you want to press play, we know you’ll find tons of great tunes to get you through your work week.

Why ‘Into The Airwaves’? 

Co-founders Melissa & Jenia have shared a love of music and going to concerts together for over a decade. Despite moving to different cities in Canada, one of their all-time favorite musicians, Jack’s Mannequin, always keeps their concert-going tradition alive. The first JM album has and always will remain one of their shared favorites. From screaming the lyrics at Warped Tour to reminiscing the old songs at the Opera House in Toronto, there was no hesitation when it came to choosing a name for their little place on the internet. Music has a way of bringing people together in the most unique of ways. Into The Airwaves represents this long-standing love for music and its importance in the lives of so many people!


Meet the Team

Melissa Payette

Melissa is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Into The Airwaves. She is a graduate in Business Management from Concordia and currently works full-time as an account manager at a Marketing agency, with a specialization in affiliate marketing. After being an editor for MTL Blog for a year & an editor-in-chief at Confront Magazine for 5+ years, it was time to branch out and start her own little space on the internet. When she's not at work, Melissa loves to fill her free time with more of what she loves: reading, traveling, learning new skills, going to concerts, and of course writing! You can keep up with Melissa on her many adventures on Instagram: @mliss024. Happy reading!

Jenia Schukov

Jenia is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Into The Airwaves. Born and raised in Montreal, she spent most of her teens and early 20's working in the music industry at various labels, promoters and radio stations. In 2013 she made the move to Toronto where she joined the team at the Canadian Independent Music Association. As the Music Export Assistant, Jenia spends her days organizing international showcase and business opportunities for Canadian companies and their artists. This isn't her first time delving into the world of music journalism and photography as she spent over 5 years as an editor-in-chief of Confront Magazine. When she's not immersed in music you can find Jenia screaming at her hockey team (GO HABS!), practicing yoga, reading whatever she can get her hands on, or getting lost in nature somewhere. Interested in her musical endeavors? Follow her on Instagram (@jschubox)!

Chloe Sholl

Chloe is a 26-year-old McGill and Concordia graduate in physiology and psychology. While her career path has fallen more into the education field, music, reading, and writing remain three of her strongest passions. Despite this, she has been told more than once that she has the worst singing voice in the entire world. Because the life of a musician has not worked out for her, she instead attends concerts and writes about them. Many of them. Chloe has been known to overuse the word “favorite,” especially when talking about music.

Lindsay Becker

Lindsay has a passion for current affairs and music which lead her to study Journalism-Broadcast at Seneca College and intern at Rogers TV. After graduating she worked at Splendor House Records, an indie boutique record label and started her writing career at Confront Magazine and Spill Magazine in Toronto. She loves discovering new music, attending live shows, traveling, coffee and yoga! You can follow her on Twitter (@LmBECKS) or on Instagram (@lmbecks)

April Yablonovitch

A born and raised Montrealer, April is a recent marketing graduate from McGill University. Trying to navigate through the adult world, she now works in digital music marketing at Wavo.me. When she isn't photographing or attending shows, you likely won't be able to find her, because she isn't in one place long. But, you can follow her adventures at @aprilyab on Instagram and Twiter for all things travel, music and photography. For more information check out www.aprilyablonovitch.com or contact at aprilyab@gmail.com

Lili-Anh Le Minh

Lili has been a music fanatic for what seems like forever. She used to go to old record stores with her dad as a kid and they could stay there for hours. Nowadays, she mostly listens to pop, rock, alternative, some punk and she easily gets hooked to Jpop/rock and Kpop/rock even though she doesn't understand the lyrics.

Marie Claire Denis

Marie Claire as been a concert photographer for almost 10 years now! Always on the look-out for new music, she loves when she's able to discover the next big artist before anyone else. Her goal is to capture the best images of the artists in front of her and be able to give the viewers the feeling of being at a concert in the comfort of their home.

Jessica Maxwell

Jessica Maxwell is a Toronto music journalist and writer. Her work has been published in such media outlets as Global News, Anchor Shop, CONFRONT Magazine, and Alan Cross's A Journal of Musical Things. When she's not writing for outlets, she runs her own YouTube channel and blog, Sounds About Write, where she talks about music and lifestyle. She'll happily talk about pop-punk bands with you.

Anne-Marie Maccio

Anne-Marie is a business counselor and music journalist from Montreal. Strongly involved in different social initiatives, most of her work includes music as a catharsis. Anne-Marie only believes in three things: art, coffee and loud music. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @amaccio

Tess B. Paiewonsky

Tess is a music loving and concert dwelling Dominican/self-proclaimed Montrealer. A lover of travel, she’s lived in the cities of Santo Domingo, Copenhagen, and the love of her life: Montreal. Tess enjoys writing concert reviews, singing loudly to her neighbors, and finding the best taco spot in town. You can find Tess checking out new bands around the city and playing her ukulele at a nearby park.

Melodie Guay

Mélodie is passionate about music and even more about photography. She is a proud graduate from Concordia with a Bachelor's in Photography, as well as the Photography program at Champlain College. Though she is touching all fields of photography, the best opportunities for her are definitely live music. Mélodie has been doing photography for years now and loves to be able to share her work and receive comments. Her goal is to always be able to capture that little something that will make the difference and make people react positively to her work.

Lianne Barnes

Lianne is a recent Communications graduate, montreal-based music lover and adventurer. She is always making plans for the next best thing and meeting the coolest people along the way. When she is not biking around town, she is travelling, attending concerts, watching Netflix, eating overpriced food and making playlists for all the above! Follow her on Spotify @LiliBarn