Above & Beyond at Place Bell, Montreal

Above & Beyond’s 2018 Common Ground Tour made its way to Montreal this weekend, February 2nd at Laval’s Place Bell. Being my first time at this venue, I did not know what to expect from this powerful EDM group in such a large arena. Not much to my surprise, the whole environment felt like you were taken to a whole new universe. An incredible light show, ample musical quality and extreme fan dedication made for an out of world experience.

With their new album, Common Ground, so freshly released, the crowd couldn’t wait to dive in and connect with Above & Beyond. The group introduces their first released single, Tightrope, from the 2018 album. The more recently released, Northern Soul is also well welcomed. Their progressive and euphoric beats eventually transition into Richard Bedford’s voice and the crowd goes wild with the group’s massive hit Thing Called Love.

Between the lasers and undeniably powerful light show, the backdrop displays; ‘You are love, you are loving, you are loveable’.

It’s not hard to grasp the overwhelming adoration of the crowd as messages about love and unity are displayed throughout the concert.

What’s unique about Above & Beyond is that they captivate you with meaningful lyrics, in addition to absorbing you into such a unique a melodic and musical atmosphere. Their music has a natural way of bringing people together. The people beside me are continuously swaying to the music- eyes closed and with a smile on their face, up until the beat escalates and the entire venue is jumping, hugging and dancing. As the group members take turns selecting songs, the crowd falls into a state of trance. And finally, to conclude the show, Sun & Moon makes an appearance in the setlist- to this day, being my Above & Beyond anthem. Needless to say that there was a lot of glitter, glow sticks, and sweat seen at this concert. Above & Beyond took full control of a venue that can fit up to 10,000 spectators, with ease and absolute delight. This night was as much for them as it was for welcoming an amazing new album to a dedicated fanbase. 

WATCH: Check out the album release video below to get a little taste of what you missed:

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