Vancouver band, The Long War, may not be familiar to you – yet. Last year, the indie rock quintet won the CBC Searchlight Contest, an annual competition to find talented unsigned artists throughout Canada. Not only did The Long War secure their spot in the Allan Slaight Juno Master Class artist development program and the chance to perform at the CBC music festival in Toronto, but their song “Breathe In Breathe Out” was also selected as one of CBC Music’s top 100 songs of 2017.

A song about dealing with depression and mental health issues, vocalist Jarrett Lee initially wrote “Breathe In Breathe Out” about his desire to help a close friend battling substance abuse and alcoholism. The song is beautiful, melodic, and yet very melancholic. Lyrically, it feels like hearing a profoundly intimate story of someone struggling with their own darkness. The track is the lead single off The Long War’s debut album, Landslide, scheduled for release on April 20th.

The Long War is also gearing up for a spring tour in honor of the upcoming album. Starting off in Kitchener the night before the album release, the tour runs through May with stops in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. With everything coming up for The Long War this year, it is a given that you will be familiar with them by the end of 2018.

Listen to “Breathe In Breathe Out” below:

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Chloe Sholl

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