Here we are again, praising a young Montreal based band for their extraordinary talents. And never too little. This three woman band is hyping up a new sound that incorporates influences from older generation with a taste of ‘synthesizers, driving percussions and ‘symbolic lyricism’. Caveboy is showcasing a fresh perspective on alternative-pop music or, dream-pop, if you will. The young band is made up of Michelle Bensimon (Lead Vocals, Guitar & Synth), Isabelle Banos (Synth, Bass & Back Vocals) and Lana Cooney (Drums & Backing Vocals).

Different from their first released EP in 2015, Landslide represents a new chapter for the trio, offering a more vulnerable side through their lyrics and maturity within their sound. The best I would describe them would be a hint of HAIM or Teagan & Sara, with a deeper rock n’ roll foundation. Together, they are fearless and absolutely lovable because Caveboy can make you feel all the emotions behind their music and dance at the same time.

The release of the new single Landslide was followed by the announcement of their first ever tour, starting in Ontario, working their way toward western Canada toward Vancouver and moving back home to Montreal on April 19th (more dates to be announced). Not to mention the extra special stop at the Juno awards where the band will join the 2018 class of Allan Slaight JUNO Masters.

Take a listen their first released video Raconteur, or to their latest single, Landslide;


And follow CaveBoy for upcoming music and tour dates;




Lianne Barnes

Lianne is a recent Communications graduate, montreal-based music lover and adventurer. She is always making plans for the next best thing and meeting the coolest people along the way. When she is not biking around town, she is travelling, attending concerts, watching Netflix, eating overpriced food and making playlists for all the above! Follow her on Spotify @LiliBarn

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