LISTEN: I Believe You by Rosie and the Riveters

In various professions and industries, women are finally getting the word across about their experiences with sexual assault with the likes of the #MeToo and Times Up movement. Many female musicians are using their voices and their music as a way to help and support survivors. Feminist trio Rosie and the Riveters have debuted a new single called “I Believe You” from their upcoming album Ms. Behave, an open message to women who have experienced sexual assault.

The track is incredibly supportive for those who’ve experienced assault, with lines like “I believe you there’s no need to explain […] Please don’t forget you’re not alone” and “stand for your truth, you’re not alone”

The video features the group as well as various women holding signs that say ‘I believe you’ and other phrases like ‘it’s not your fault’ and ‘you are not damaged goods.’

All proceeds from “I Believe You” will be donated to organizations that provide support for survivors of sexual assault.


Jessica Maxwell

Jessica Maxwell is a Toronto music journalist and writer. Her work has been published in such media outlets as Global News, Anchor Shop, CONFRONT Magazine, and Alan Cross's A Journal of Musical Things. When she's not writing for outlets, she runs her own YouTube channel and blog, Sounds About Write, where she talks about music and lifestyle. She'll happily talk about pop-punk bands with you.

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