LISTEN: No More Stones by Oh Geronimo

Last month, Ontario-based band Oh Geronimo released a music video for their new track “No More Stones“. The song is the first glimpse into the band’s upcoming album The Sled, which is a follow-up to 2016’s Sleep Rhythms and encompasses “a year that demanded patience, persistence and resiliency”.

The song is very relatable as it touches on the subject of strain in a relationship of any kind and the compromise that is always there. The idea is brought to life in the video with an analogy to tug of war.

“Relationships are like ropes – they become taut when people drift apart. Companionship is an emotional tug-of-war with unpredictable waves of tension and release. You constantly contemplate holding on or letting go.

Check out the video below!

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Lili-Anh Le Minh

Lili has been a music fanatic for what seems like forever. She used to go to old record stores with her dad as a kid and they could stay there for hours. Nowadays, she mostly listens to pop, rock, alternative, some punk and she easily gets hooked to Jpop/rock and Kpop/rock even though she doesn't understand the lyrics.

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