Montreal is the city of up and coming bands, and in every corner someone’s making new intriguing sounds. One of those fresh new bands is Venus Furs. The Montreal band featuring Paul Kasner (Vocals & Guitar), Mathew Higden (Drums), and Richard McLeish (Bass), boasts an alternative rock sound, with psychedelic and surf influences. Venus Furs has two singles out now: “Page Before” and “Living in Constant”, which you can check out on the SoundCloud link below. Even though they have only released two singles, you can bet they are going for quality, as songs like “Page Before” will make you want to dance like you’re listening to them live. Definitely a song you can get lost in.  Now is the time to go check out one of their upcoming shows in Ottawa on March 17th. Don’t worry, they will be playing in Montreal soon enough as their next show is scheduled in May.  Keep your eyes peeled for more show dates and new singles!


Upcoming Shows:

Saturday March 17 at Avant Garde, Ottawa

Learn More: 



Tess B. Paiewonsky

Tess is a music loving and concert dwelling Dominican/self-proclaimed Montrealer. A lover of travel, she’s lived in the cities of Santo Domingo, Copenhagen, and the love of her life: Montreal. Tess enjoys writing concert reviews, singing loudly to her neighbors, and finding the best taco spot in town. You can find Tess checking out new bands around the city and playing her ukulele at a nearby park.

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