SHOW REVIEW: Hedley, Place Bell, Montreal

Oh Hedley- what a roller coaster.

The band stopped in Laval last night, for their Montreal stop on the 2018 Cageless tour, and had a lot to prove. Noticeably, the venue had many empty seats- but that may be because I was looking for them.

Due to recent sexual misconduct allegations, Hedley has been omitted from performing at the Juno awards in Vancouver later this year. Despite the negative headlines, however, dedicated fans arrive at Place Bell to enjoy some of their favorite music.

As the band members’ faces appear one by one on the Jumbo-Tron, the cheers get louder and eventually turn into an overwhelming roar. By the time the curtain falls to reveal Jacob, the main singer, jumping off his piano seat and into the crowd, everyone simply goes wild.

See more pictures [here] by Melodie Guay.

The show starts off with the most recent hit, off the newest album, Better Days. Followed by other radio hits, Crazy For You, Hello… Then, to mix it up, the band even throws in an Adele cover as a transition. Questionable, but interesting due to the fact that Jacob’s voice is just as heavenly but in a very, very different way.

The show goes on with a lot of old timers including Trip, Perfect and For the Nights I Can’t Remember. Along with a personal favorite, Never Too Late, the band got you dancing and singing along to with all – or just my-  high school heartthrob tunes.  

Though the performance was an enjoyable one, I almost forgot about the release of their new album and the point of their tour. Also, nothing was mentioned or even uttered towards the recent scandal but I couldn’t help but hear it in the music. And not in a passionate and encapturing way, but in its awkwardness and hesitation to fully engage with the audience. Again, maybe that’s just me.

Hedley has always been known as a fun and happy-go-lucky group of guys and it’s still obvious in their performance that those people have not disappeared. Yet, a shadow looms over them that is difficult for their bright personalities to shine through. Despite the fact that the show last night brought extra energy and a good time, there is more to see from the Hedley band members in the near future. Here’s to hoping we get to see many more great tours, shows, and records to come from these Canadian music industry veterans. 

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