A rowdy crowd of Oasis fans packed Rebel Nightclub last night as the former Britpop rocker Liam Gallagher stopped by Toronto to promote his new solo album As You Were.

“Fuckin’ in the Bushes” the intro from Oasis’ fourth album Standing on The Shoulder of Giants made way for Gallagher’s introduction. He hit the stage a little after 9 pm taking us back to the Definitely, Maybe days, kicking off the show with “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star.” Keeping the Oasis theme alive, “Morning Glory” soon followed. The fans displayed their nostalgia by belting out the lyrics alongside Gallagher. “Need a little time to wake up /Need a little time to wake up wake up/ Need a little time to wake up/ Need a little time to rest your mind/ You know you should so I guess you might as well.”

These Oasis anthems warmed up the crowd, preparing them for his latest tunes. The fans took to the singles “Greedy Soul” and “Wall of Glass.” However, a trend seemed to follow after these tracks. It felt as though the crowd only wanted to hear Oasis content and didn’t fully know his new material. One concert-goer asked me: is this one of his new songs? He was referring to “For What It’s Worth.”

The night ended abruptly after an hour show as Liam walked off stage. Many people were expecting an encore performance from the younger Gallagher brother, but that was not the case. The crowd waited for about 15 minutes until the venue turned on the lights, their way of signaling the show was over. Fans were not having it, many people starting chanting “we want Coldplay” and taunting with “where is Noel?” When disappointment finally set in that the rock ‘n’ roll star wouldn’t be hitting the stage again, a small bunch of individuals began yelling obscene profanities.

The setlist for all of Gallagher’s North American shows include “Cigarettes & Alcohol” and “Live Forever” as encore songs, but the concert ended one song short. Many people were in disbelief and didn’t want to leave the venue. Some fans expressed their disappointment online. One fan posted on the Rebel event Facebook page saying they were “gutted”, while others took to Twitter and Facebook to share what they think happened. Some ideas that have been floating around include that he was sick or someone threw something at him and that’s why he stormed off stage. However, these ideas have yet to be confirmed. Whatever the reason for not playing his full setlist, it’s clear that many fans were confused and upset with the way the concert ended.


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