Song Suggestion: Wild Love by James Bay

Once famous for his signature long hair and wide-brimmed hat, UK singer/songwriter James Bay has returned with a new look, a new song, and (let’s be honest) a pretty new pep to his music.

It seems that the young musician was ready for a big change, in more ways than one. After chopping off his long locks, James Bay announced his return with some new music. Fans might have expected more of the same; raw-talent in the form of acoustic love songs (circa ‘Let It Go’ or ‘Scars’).

What we got instead was Wild Love. Okay, it’s still a love song. And it still clearly highlights the intensely raw talent that gave us goosebumps throughout Bay’s debut album ‘Chaos and the Calm’. But there is something so very different about Wild Love. Bay’s voice has matured these past two years; he’s found a confidence in his music and his sound that was previously completely unexplored.

James Bay fans (like myself) will probably be incredibly surprised with the new track. But don’t worry, if you’re looking for that old song you once fell in love with, you can search up the acoustic rendition and lose yourself in the silky, dulcet tones of another gorgeous love song to play on repeat.

We can’t wait to hear more from this upcoming album. There’s no doubt there will be tons more to love, and even more of the “new” James Bay for us to discover!

Listen to Wild Love below:

Find James Bay:

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