Today is a big day for Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile fans as the two indie rock favorites finally announce the name of their upcoming album,  “Lotta Sea Lice” and also gave us a taste with the first song of the album. The new album is coming up on October 13, 2017, but the duo decided to let us in on one the tracks, “Over Everything”, along with a new video, and I gotta say I am definitely digging this.

The black and white video features both Vile and Barnett, with mostly blank expressions on their faces, as the camera goes back and forth between them. The video, directed by Danny Cohen, shows different shots of either Vile or Barnett “singing” the others verses, with different scenic backgrounds ranging from a house with a white picket fence, a highway, or a forest. Even though there is not much going on throughout the video, the genuine and awkward smiles from the duo at the beginning are captivating. The video keeps it simple, and lets the music do all the talking, and with this song that’s all it really needs to do.  The track is filled with consistently great indie rock summer vibes throughout, perfectly suited for your next road trip before the cold winter months.

“Over Everything” is a testament to what sounds like a seamless and iconic collaboration between these two musicians. Definitely looking forward to hearing what’s next from the Aussie-American duo.

Watch the “Over Everything” video here:

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